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A Mixed Approach for Modeling and Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
with Unknown Disturbances

Bochra MAAREF1*, Jalel GHABI1, Zineb SIMEU-ABAZI2
1 LARATSI, National Engineering School of Monastir, Tunisia (*Corresponding author),
2 Grenoble-INP / UJF-Grenoble 1 / CNRS, G-SCOP UMR5272
Grenoble, F-38031, France

ABSTRACT: A hybrid dynamical system (HDS) results from the interaction between a continuous and a discrete dynamics. The continuous dynamics represents the system behavior which may change from a functioning mode to another depending on the discrete dynamics. The HDS is often subject to disturbances arising from external phenomena due to the environment, or internal phenomena linked to changes in the system. This paper presents a diagnosis approach of disturbed complex HDS by combining State Observers and Timed Automata (TA). The proposed method combines the advantages of observer and TA to get the best performance in the presence of disturbances, particularly in the fault location phase. Thus, for complex systems, the observer-based approach is used to generate fault indicators for fault detection and the fault location procedure is ensured by the signature matrix. The TA, which are commonly used in discrete event systems enables to take into account temporal aspects and to follow up the system dynamic evolution as well as fault propagation effects. To refine fault location, a TA-based diagnoser is constructed. The simulation results show the dynamic behavior of the system variables with performance evaluation of the proposed fault diagnosis approach.

KEYWORDS: Hybrid Dynamic Systems, Observer, Timed Automata, Fault diagnosis, Disturbances.


Bochra MAAREF, Jalel GHABI, Zineb SIMEU-ABAZI, A Mixed Approach for Modeling and Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems with Unknown Disturbances, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 27(3), pp. 307-318, 2018.