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A New Flux Observer and Simplified ADRC Controllers for SSTEKF Sensorless Vector Control of an Induction Motor

Haijun CHE, Ying TIAN, Jingming YANG*, Zitong ZHAO
Engineering Research Center, Ministry of Education for Intelligent Control Systems and Intelligent Equipment,
Yanshan University, Hebei province, Qinhuangdao, 066000, China,, (*Corresponding author),

Abstract: A novel flux observer is proposed with a view to improving the stability and reliability of the sensorless vector control system of an induction motor, which is robust with regard to different parameters and features no phase lag or attenuation. At the same time PI controllers are replaced in the double-closed loop system with an active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC), which reduces overshoot when speed changes and further improves the steady-state performance of the system. Finally, the method based on the Symmetric Strong Tracking Extended Kalman Filter (SSTEKF) is employed for speed parameter identification with the purpose of improving the traditional EKF double- closed loop speed sensorless system in order to further enhance the robustness and anti-interference performance of the system. The simulation results confirm the good performance of the proposed technique.

Keywords: Induction motor, Sensorless speed control, Vector control, Flux linkage observer, Symmetric strong tracking extended Kalman filter, Active disturbance rejection controller.


Haijun CHE, Ying TIAN, Jingming YANG, Zitong ZHAO, A New Flux Observer and Simplified ADRC Controllers for SSTEKF Sensorless Vector Control of an Induction Motor, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 30(2), pp. 133-142, 2021.