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A Tool for Mapping and Editing of Cloud Patterns: the Semantic Cloud Patterns Editor

Beniamino DI MARTINO*, Antonio ESPOSITO
Department of Engineering, Universitá degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Aversa, 81031 Italy
e-mail: (*Corresponding author), 

ABSTRACT: Owing to the huge number of Cloud services which are currently available on the market and to the lack of a commonly accepted standard for a machine-readable description of their interfaces, automatic discovery and composition tools and techniques for interoperable Cloud services are still in an early stage of development. Moreover, the current tools do not provide a very user-friendly interface to interact with. In this paper a service for the automatic discovery and composition of Cloud services, guided by Cloud Patterns, is presented. By means of a user-friendly interface, the user can both define a new services’ composition, with the creation of a new pattern, or modify an existing one. The proposed service exploits a semantic based representation of Cloud services and patterns, complemented by a description of the input and output parameters for the several described services and of the patterns’ workflow.

KEYWORDS: Cloud Computing, Cloud Patterns, Services Orchestration, Services Discovery, Services Composition.


Beniamino DI MARTINO*, Antonio ESPOSITO, A Tool for Mapping and Editing of Cloud Patterns: the Semantic Cloud Patterns Editor, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 27(1), pp. 117-126, 2018.