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An Iteration-Based Simulation Method for Getting Semi- Symbolic Solution of Non-coherent
FSK/ASK System by Using Computer Algebra Systems

Vladimir MLADENOVIC1*, Sergey MAKOV2, Viacheslav VORONIN2, Miroslav LUTOVAC3

1 Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak, University of Kragujevac,
Svetog Save 65, Cacak, 32000, Serbia

* Corresponding author

2 Don State Technical University,
Shevchenko 147, Shakhty 346500, Rostov region, Russia,
3 Singidunum University,
Belgrade, Danijelova 32, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia

Abstract: The paper presents a development of an IBSM (Iteration-Based Simulation Method) to obtain semi-symbolic solutions of digital telecommunication non-coherent FSK/ASK system by using computer algebra systems. These solutions are applied for derivation of the symbol error probability (SEP) needed for quantitative and qualitative analysis of performances of telecommunication systems in optimization and design of low-complexity implementation into high-complexity structures. Various software tools, used in telecommunications for calculating, designing and analysing, have been developed from the viewpoint of numeric-only algorithms. But, many shortcomings cannot be neglected, such as generating of a great amount of numeric data, losing insight into the phenomenon of investigation, and numerical computation manipulates with numerical values. For these reasons, IBSM provides design, optimization, manipulation, and simplification by introducing a new parameter of iteration. The IBSM is applied to aforementioned system when the uncorrelated and correlated noise and the interferences are present in both upper and lower frequencies, respectively. The impact of number of iterations, number of bits, correlation coefficient and different values of interferences to symbol error probability are derived on semi-symbolic forms. Making use of IBSM gives an opportunity to solve very complex analyses and derive many sophisticated conclusions.

Keywords: Closed-form solution, Wolfram language, Rayleigh fading, Software tools, Computer algebra system.

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Vladimir MLADENOVIC*, Sergey MAKOV, Viacheslav VORONIN, Miroslav LUTOVAC,
An Iteration-Based Simulation Method for Getting Semi-Symbolic Solution of Non-coherent FSK/ASK System by Using Computer Algebra Systems, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 25(3), pp. 303-312, 2016.