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Application of Service-Oriented Context-Aware Architecture to Laundry Management System

Izmir University of Economics
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Software Engineering
Sakarya Cad. No: 156, 35330, Balcova, Izmir, Turkey.
{ufuk.celikkan, kaan.kurtel}

ABSTRACT: The laundry cleaning on an industrial scale has become a highly automated process, carried out by machines using sensors generating very detailed data. Data from these sensors allow the precise control of the laundry operation, often remotely. The combination of new machines with information technology has created a more efficient and cost effective process, enabled by software based on extensible architecture. The operations of a laundry exhibit all the properties of a context-aware system. This paper extends the authors’ earlier work on context-aware laundry management architecture emphasizing business processes. In this study, we present architectural details that will aid implementers of the system in their choice of tools, techniques and technologies. In particular, a detailed account of laundry context information is presented. The proposed architectural framework used in the solution is able to monitor and autonomously manage laundry operations. The system employs a layered architecture which allows the separation of system components such as data capture, data processing and business services. An inference and a rule engine help to orchestrate system activities and transmit system status to interested parties through an interface. Tight coupling of system components are eliminated by web services.

KEYWORDS: Context-aware systems, laundry management system, software architecture, web services.


Ufuk Celikkan, Kaan Kurtel, Application of Service-Oriented Context-Aware Architecture to Laundry Management System, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 26(2), pp. 193-202, 2017.