Tuesday , August 20 2019

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Observers Design for Discrete-Event Systems Modelled by S-Nets

Raul CAMPOS-RODRIGUEZ, Mildreth ALCARAZ-MEJIA ITESO University, Periferico Sur # 8585, Tlaquepaque, 45604, Mexico. campos@iteso.mx, mildreth@iteso.mx ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the design of observers for Discrete-Event Systems modelled by Output Petri nets. The observer is conceived as a copy of the system and a corrective term based on the execution trajectories. …

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Revisiting Models of Vulnerabilities of the Networks

Horia-Nicolai L. TEODORESCU1,2  1 Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch, Bd. Carol I nr. 8, Iasi, Romania hteodor@etti.tuiasi.ro 2 “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi Romania, Str. D. Mangeron 64, Iasi, Romania Abstract: The study critically revisits the models of ‘vulnerability’ of various types of networks and shows several limits of the …

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Web-based Collaborative Platform for Personalized Orthopaedic Applications

Diana POPESCU1, Cătălin ILIE2, Dan LĂPTOIU3, Anton HADAR1, Raluca BARBUR2 Abstract: The modern requirements of personalized medicine, the need of interdisciplinary approaches in developing medical devices and also the necessity to enhance communication between doctors and engineers impose the development of new e-health applications which can support different medical specialities …

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A Decentralized Approach Based on Unknown Input Observers for Actuator Fault Detection and Isolation of a Class of Interconnected Nonlinear Systems

Amir ABBASI1, Javad POSHTAN2*, Ali MOAREFIANPOUR1 1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2 Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, 16846-13114, Iran jposhtan@iust.ac.ir * Corresponding author Abstract: This paper presents a novel decentralized scheme for actuator fault detection and isolation of …

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A Scientometric Method to Evaluate the Academic Research Performance

Cornel RESTEANU1, Constantin POPESCU2, Mădălina Ecaterina POPESCU3 Abstract: The paper presents a method for evaluating and ranking researchers affiliated with a research and development institute. The method has been applied within the Multi-Attribute Decision Making paradigm, multi-decision maker and mono-state of nature sub-paradigm. The decision-makers are several members of the institute’s …

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