Saturday , January 18 2020

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Clustering-based Human Locomotion Parameters for Motion Type Classification

Ramona LUCA Institute of Computer Science, Romanian Academy Iasi Branch, 2 T. Codrescu Street, Iassy 700481, Romania Abstract: The paper proposes a classification method of human locomotion types from video sequences based on motion parameters clustering. A set of motion parameters is semi-automatically extracted from training video sequences that …

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Establishing Multi-level Performance Condition Indices for Public Schools Maintenance Program Using AHP and Fuzzy Logic

Mohamed MARZOUK1, Ehab AWAD2* Abstract: This research targets the creation of indices to enforce standard assessment for group of educational buildings and to set common understanding of facilities’ condition among different stakeholders. This model contains four levels of performance assessment that deal with program, facility, package, and element. AHP-fuzzy model …

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Real Time Analysis of Positive Output Super Lift Converter Using ANN Controller

V. VENKATESH1*, C. KAMALAKANNAN2 Abstract: The Artificial neural network controller is used for controlling any electrical and electronic system using the logical method. The controller performs the logical function by utilizing the unique learning algorithms. The application of artificial neural network controller in positive output super lift converter enables the …

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Implementation and Evaluation of VXLAN Gateway-based Data Center Network Virtualization

Junji KINOSHITA1*, Kazuhiro MAEDA1, Hitoshi YABUSAKI1, Ken AKUNE1, Motohide NOUMI2, Norihisa KOMODA3 Abstract: To achieve platform-independent network virtualization among multiple service infrastructures in service providers’ data centers, we propose hardware gateway-based data center network virtualization architecture where we place a gateway on each service infrastructure and inter-connect them using overlay …

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An Iteration-Based Simulation Method for Getting Semi- Symbolic Solution of Non-coherent
FSK/ASK System by Using Computer Algebra Systems

Vladimir MLADENOVIC1*, Sergey MAKOV2, Viacheslav VORONIN2, Miroslav LUTOVAC3 Abstract: The paper presents a development of an IBSM (Iteration-Based Simulation Method) to obtain semi-symbolic solutions of digital telecommunication non-coherent FSK/ASK system by using computer algebra systems. These solutions are applied for derivation of the symbol error probability (SEP) needed for quantitative …

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Application of MCDM and BIM for Evaluation of Asset Redevelopment Solutions

Miroslavas PAVLOVSKIS, Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE*, Darius MIGILINSKAS Department of Construction Technology and Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Saulėtekio al. 11, LT-10223 Vilnius, Lithuania,, * Corresponding author Abstract: The current paper analyses the application of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) …

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