Monday , August 3 2020

SIC 2015

Embedded P.E.M. Fuel Cell Stack Nonlinear Observer by means of a Takagi-Sugeno Approach

Severus Constantin OLTEANU1, Abdel AITOUCHE1, Lotfi BELKOURA1, Adnan JOUNI2 1 Laboratoire CRIStAL (Research Center in Informatics, Signal and Automatic control in Lille), University of Lille 1, Cité Scientifique, Av. Paul Langevin, 59655, Villeneuve D’Ascq Cedex, France,, 2 Lebanese University of Beirut, Baabda, Beirut, Lebanon Abstract: This …

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Optimal Infrastructure for Acquiring and Processing of
Data related to Anthropic Computer Incidents

Cornel RESTEANU1, Electra MITAN1, Marin ANDREICA2, Gheorghe PĂCURAR2 1 I C I Bucharest (National Institute for R & D in Informatics) 8-10 Averescu Blvd. 011455 Bucharest 1, Romania, 2 Economic Studies Academy, Bucharest 010374, Romania,, Abstract: The paper presents a good practice in choosing optimal software …

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A Control-aware QoS Adaptation Co-design Method for Networked Control Systems

Octavian ŞTEFAN, Toma-Leonida DRAGOMIR Politehnica University Timisoara, 2 Piata Victoriei, Timisoara, 300006, Romania, Abstract: The current study proposes a control-aware Quality of Service adaptation co-design method for networked control systems. The novel networked control structure is based on a remotely placed Quality of Service adapter that continuously changes …

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Controlling Multi-input Converters to Act as Electric Energy Router

Israel MACIAS, David NAVARRO, Domingo CORTÉS National Polytechnic Institute ESIME Culhuacan Coyoacán, D.F. 04430 México,, Abstract: It is undeniable that the energy consumption will continue to grow and the negative impact of using fossil fuels to produce it will favor the use of alternative energies. There has …

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