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Discrete-time Integral Sliding Mode Control with Anti-windup

Olfa JEDDA1*, Ali DOUIK2 
1 National Engineering School of Monastir, Ibn El Jazzar Street, Monastir, 5000, Tunisia (*Corresponding author)
2 National Engineering School of Sousse, Erriadh, Sousse, 4023, Tunisia

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a discrete-time integral sliding mode control with anti-windup for single-input single-output linear systems with external disturbances whose upper bound is not required to be known. The proposed scheme is designed by using a linear quadratic regulator approach in order to ensure the stability of the closed-loop system in the quasi-sliding mode. The robustness with respect to external disturbances, the follow-up of a reference model and the elimination of the reaching phase are guaranteed. The chattering phenomenon is avoided using the saturation function in the controller design. Furthermore, the anti-windup method is used in order to improve system performance and to reduce the control input values in the initial phase. Simulation results show that the developed controller achieves better results than the conventional discrete-time sliding mode controller and the discrete-time integral sliding mode controller.

KEYWORDS: Discrete-time integral sliding mode control, Anti-windup method, Chattering phenomenon, Robust tracking and model following.


Olfa JEDDA, Ali DOUIK, Discrete-time Integral Sliding Mode Control with Anti-windup, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 27(4), pp. 413-422, 2018.