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Disturbance-Observer-Based Robust Control of
a Serial-link Robotic Manipulator Using SMC and PBC Techniques

Syed Ali AJWAD1, Jamshed IQBAL2*, Abdul Attayyab KHAN3, Adeel MEHMOOD1

1 Department of Electrical Engineering,
COMSATS Institution of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad, Pakistan
{s.ajwad, adeel.mehmood}
2 Department of Electrical Engineering,
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Islamabad, Pakistan

3 Dipartimento di Informatica, Bioingegneria, Robotica e Ingegneria dei Sistemi (DIBRIS),
University of Genova, Italy

Corresponding author

Abstract: Robotic manipulators deployed in automation industry require high speed with precision and accuracy to perform sophisticated control tasks. Whereas, the factors like highly coupled dynamics, internal and external perturbation forces, joint friction and parameter variations degrade the performance of the manipulator. Consequently, the need of an advanced control technique or more preferably combination of multiple techniques with the capability of handling disturbances has been increased significantly. In the present research, design of Disturbance Observer (DO) based control techniques for a 6-Degree Of Freedom (DOF) robotic arm is presented to eliminate the effect of uncertainties and disturbances and to enhance the robustness of both Sliding Mode Control (SMC) and Passivity Based Control (PBC). Results demonstrate that the proposed controllers precisely estimate the torque yielded by external perturbation forces and improve the trajectory tracking performance of the system, which results in comparatively high performance of robotic manipulator in terms of speed and precision.

Keywords: Robot control, Robotic manipulator, Non-linear control, Industrial robot.

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Syed Ali AJWAD, Jamshed IQBAL, Abdul Attayyab KHAN, Adeel MEHMOOD, Disturbance-Observer-Based Robust Control of a Serial-link Robotic Manipulator Using SMC and PBC Techniques, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 24 (4), pp. 401-408, 2015.