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ESA_PetriNet: a Tool for Extracting Scenarios in Computer Controlled Systems

Malika Medjoudj
LAGIS, Ecole Centrale de Lille
Cité Scientifique, BP 48, Villeneuve d’Ascq, 59651, France


This paper deals with the dynamic reliability of a computer-controlled system by means of deriving critical scenarios from its Petri net model. These scenarios characterize how the system leaves the normal operating to go to the feared state by determining the sequences of actions (events) and state changes leading to dangerous situation. We present a method (algorithm) that takes into account the continuous dynamic of the system by a temporal abstraction, which makes it possible to determine more precisely the exact conditions of the occurrence of the feared event. The originality is that the order of occurrence of the events is taken into account, and impossible scenarios with respect to the continuous dynamic of the system are eliminated. The automation of all the steps of this method has led to the development of ESA_PetriNet tool (Extraction Scenarios & Analyzer by Petri Net model) and was applied on real industrial systems.


Dynamic reliability, critical scenarios, computer-controlled systems, hybrid aspect, Petri nets, temporal abstraction.

Malika Medjoudj was born in Tizi-ouzou (Algeria) on February 21, 1977. She received the Engineer Diploma degree in Electronics (Control) and the Diploma of Higher Education Applied in Technical English from Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-ouzou (Algeria) in 2001. She obtained the Master in Industrial Systems from UPS-LAAS-CNRS of Toulouse (France) in 2002 and the PhD in Industrial Systems from the same university and laboratory in March 2006. She is actually a Post Doctorate at the Ecole Centrale de Lille after a scientific stay of six months in the nuclear metrology service of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (FNRS-Belgium). Her research is related to the reliability of hybrid and dynamic systems (computer-controlled systems, embedded systems), checking of temporal constraints, extended Petri Nets for safety (transportation systems), feared scenarios and simulation.

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Malika MEDJOUDJ, ESA_PetriNet: a Tool for Extracting Scenarios in Computer Controlled Systems, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 17 (3), pp. 71-84, 2008.