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Genetic Algorithms for Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing

Mohammed-Albarra HASSAN1,2, Imed KACEM1*,
Sébastien MARTIN1, Izzeldin M. OSMAN3

1 Université de Lorraine,
LCOMS EA 7306, Metz, 57000, France (Corresponding author)
2 University of Gezira,
Wadmedani, Sudan
3 University of Sciences and Technology,
Khartoum, Sudan

Abstract: Efficient job scheduling algorithms needed to improve the resource utilization in cloud computing, the role of a good scheduling algorithm on cloud computing is to minimize the total completion time for last job on the system. In this paper, we present a genetic-based task scheduling algorithms in order to minimize Maximum Completion Time Makespan. These algorithms combines different techniques such as list scheduling and earliest completion time (ECT) with genetic algorithm. We reviewed, evaluated and compared the proposed algorithms against one of the well-known Genetic Algorithms available in the literature, which has been proposed for task scheduling problem on heterogeneous computing systems. After an exhaustive computational analysis we identify that the proposed Genetic algorithms show a good performance overcoming the evaluated method in different problem sizes and complexity for a large benchmark set of instances.

Keywords: Task scheduling, Genetic Algorithm, Cloud Computing, Unrelated Parallel machines with precedence Constraints.

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Mohammed-Albarra HASSAN, Imed KACEM, Sébastien MARTIN, Izzeldin M. OSMAN, Genetic Algorithms for Job Scheduling inCloud Computing, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 24 (4), pp. 387-400, 2015.