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Information Literacy in Serbia: Initiatives and Strategies

Gordana Stokić SIMONČIĆ
Library and Information Science Department, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University
Studentski trg 3, Belgrade 11000, Republic of Serbia

Faculty of Pedagogy, Novi Sad University
Podgoricka 4, Sombor 25000, Republic of Serbia

Abstract: The general aspiration towards joining the European Union and creating the knowledge society in Serbia involve significant challenges for the Country. One of the most demanding changes that Serbian libraries will be facing consists of implementing information literacy (IL), i.e. citizens that are prepared for lifelong learning in a world that is overloaded with information of all sorts. The essential premise of this paper lies with two convictions of the authors: that, on the one hand, libraries are a natural environment for the development of information literacy, and on the other, information literacy must contribute to the citizens’ quality of living. The paper will offer a general overview of the current status of IL in Serbia, the actors in the IL process, the programs, the initiatives, and, above all, what the role of libraries in this endeavor is.

Keywords: Information literacy, knowledge society, library’s mission, libraries in Serbia, information literacy in Serbia.

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Gordana Stokić SIMONČIĆ, Zeljko VUČKOVIĆ, Information Literacy in Serbia: Initiatives and Strategies, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 19 (2), pp. 177-184, 2010.