Sunday , October 1 2023

Intelligence and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Scientific Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
University of Patras, Greece

ABSTRACT: Today humankind is facing an unprecedented set of many difficult problems and challenges that have never been encountered before. They urgently need realistic and long lasting solutions. Nowadays, practically all systems have become more and more complex and dynamic in nature. The modelling and controlling challenge of today’s complex dynamic systems (CDS) is carefully reviewed. The fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) approach is used to model CDS. Drawbacks and deficiencies of classical FCMs are identified and solutions to overcome them are mathematically developed. Two basic scientific fields are studied and analyzed on a joint synergistic way for the very first time. Intelligence and intelligent control (IC), cognition and cognitive control (CC) are two challenging scientific fields. A new modelling and control theory is proposed for addressing the complex dynamic systems (CDS).

KEYWORDS: Modelling, Control, Complex dynamic systems (CDS), Intelligence, Cognition, Intelligent control, Cognitive control, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs).


Peter P. GROUMPOS, Intelligence and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Scientific Issues, Challenges and Opportunities, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 27(3), pp. 247-264, 2018.