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Measures to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities in Service-Oriented Architecture

Carmen Elena CÎRNU, Carmen Ionela ROTUNĂ*, Adrian Victor VEVERA, Radu BONCEA
National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics,
8-10 Averescu Avenue, Bucharest, 01145, Romania, (*Corresponding author),,

ABSTRACT: Raising awareness of cybersecurity issues and improving the digital literacy and skills in terms of recognition and management of threats is considered as a high-priority action. Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) provides several benefits, including greater efficiency and open access to applications, services, and information, but their very openness creates unique and significant security challenges for organizations. SOA principles are widely used because they provide loose-coupling, service automation, extensible architecture and enhanced reuse. This paper addresses the security challenges of SOA considering their business and technical impact and performs a mapping to mitigation measures and tools. The process involves identifying the main security vulnerabilities and researching solutions for cyber attacks prevention. It also proposes business level measures to mitigate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities in SOAs. Several European projects and open source solutions whose aim is to ensure the security and the privacy of SOA are identified, analyzed and proposed as tools for enhanced security in the second part of the paper.

KEYWORDS: SOA, Cybersecurity, Vulnerability classification, Mitigations, Open-source solutions.


Carmen Elena CÎRNU, Carmen Ionela ROTUNĂ, Adrian Victor VEVERA, Radu BONCEA, Measures to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities in Service-Oriented Architecture, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 27(3), pp. 359-368, 2018.