Wednesday , October 4 2023

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

Special Issue:
Advanced Services in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems

E d i t o r i a l

  1. Insights into Collaborative Platforms for Social Media Use Cases
    George SUCIU, Corentin BOSCHER, Laura PRIOUX, Adrian PASAT, Ciprian DOBRE
  2. On Routing Protocols for High Performance
    Noor H. BHANGWAR, Imtiaz A. HALEPOTO, Intesab H. SADHAYO,
    Suhail KHOKHAR, Asif A. LAGHARI 

  3. A New Joint Zero-Forcing Beamforming Algorithm for
    Massive MIMO System

    Yingchao ZHOU, Bin SHEN, Qian WANG, Dongmin CHOI
  4. A Wireless Sensor Network Based on Unmanned Boundary Sensing Technique for Minimizing Human Elephant Conflicts
    Jerline Sheebha Anni DHANARAJ, Arun Kumar SANGIAH  
  5. Annotation and Position Recall from Low Grade Sensorial Data
    in the Context of Topological Railway Maps

    Vlad Doru COLCERIU, Teodor ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Victor BACU, Dorian GORGAN 
  6. An Integrated Cloud Computing Solution for Romanian Public-Sector Entities: ICIPRO Project
    Mihail DUMITRACHE , Ionuț-Eugen SANDU, Dragoș-Cătălin BARBU