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Demo Portal of Information and Documentation in
Science and Technology

I C I Bucharest
(National Institute for R & D in Informatics)
8-10 Averescu Blvd.
011455 Bucharest 1, Romania
doina.banciu@ici.ro, coardos@ici.ro

Abstract: The paper presents part of the achievements of scientific research on information-documentation and communication systems. In fact, it is about designing and creating an electronic data warehouse, part of a demo pilot system for information-documentation and communication. This data warehouse contains information about research project achievements that have been obtained through national research programmes. The portal allows computer users to online access to projects in the fields of science and technology, and their results Also, the paper gives a broad description of an on-line training system that aims at teaching the necessary skills and abilities required in the information distribution and documentation process.

Keywords: Information and documentation, communication, data warehouse, CERIF standards, training system, Web portal.

>>Full text
Doina BANCIU, Dora COARDOŞ, Demo Portal of Information and Documentation in Science and Technology, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 19 (2), pp. 159-168, 2010.

1. Introduction

It is widely agreed that, in this century, digital information [5] and computer networks are the main engines of economic growth and social development. Innovation is the guarantor of development.

The environment in which the research is conducted and the research results is disseminated known profound transformations, related to new information and communication technologies that enable new opportunities and changes in research practices.

To have a real impact in the real life, research results must be disseminated, known and assimilated by the potential users. This implies the need to use modern methods to access to scientific information.

Access to global scientific and technological information sources is a necessity and managing those sources has become an economic and political challenge in order to ensure unrestricted access for every citizen.

The field of documentation and information software in science and technology is very complex in the world, with important features in various developed countries.

We cannot speak of the existence of national systems to focus their databases for research and development results of projects financed from the national budget or international programs. We can speak rather of distributed information, located to developers, or in the databases of electronic publications, or to organizers of events that intends to disseminate research results.

The creation of information systems for Research and Development is signalled as a strong tendency both in USA and in EU member states. The majority of these systems are based on a close cooperation among institutions that coordinate [2], at a national level [10], the R&D activities, and organisations directly involved in those activities, such as institutes or major research laboratories along with universities.

The information and documentation systems have behind well-structured relational databases, with interfaces equipped with search engines adequate to the data bases.

Usually the access (even to summary information) can not be done without filling out an online registration form in the system.

Only a few countries have developed national research portals with similar characteristics. In most cases these portals are managed by a subordinate structure for technology transfer and innovation. Extremely well-classified specific information is made available on websites in the UK, France, Switzerland, Canada, Japan etc.

A significant example of a dedicated computer information system is the CORDIS portal [9] that contains information pertaining to the results of R&D projects conducted under concluded European framework programmes.

Complying with the worldwide trends and the EU recommendations, in Romania it is very important to create and implement information systems for R&D in various fields, accessible through Internet, integrated into an informational network for the Romanian R&D, integrated, in turn, to the European informational network for R&D.

Achievements in our country in this area, by promoting local research sites or Internet portals, are comparable to those of the European and international level.

At a national level, the information related to results of state-supported R&D projects is stored in databases managed by the authorities that conducted the programmes. This information is not yet accessible to the public nor to the Romanian scientific community.

Because of that we have taken into consideration the implementation of a “Demo Portal of Information and Documentation in Science and Technology” that would take this information, store it into a database within the system and make it available to those who are interested, through a Web portal-type platform.


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