Monday , September 21 2020

A Time-Series Database Analysis Based on a Multi-attribute Maturity Model

Ionut PETRE1,2*, Radu BONCEA1,3, Constanta Zoie RADULESCU1, Alin ZAMFIROIU1,4, Ionut SANDU1,2  

1 National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics,
8-10 Maresal Averescu Avenue, Bucharest, 01145, Romania
2 “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu,
10 Victoriei Blvd., Sibiu, 550024 Romania
3 Politehnica University of Bucharest,
313 Independence Av., Bucharest, 060042, Romania

4 Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
6 Romana Square, Bucharest 010374, Romania (*Corresponding author),,,,

ABSTRACT: Time Series Database (TSDB), is a particular type of data repository. TSDBs are capable of diverse functionalities regarding operations on time series data and are developed using different technologies. A large number of TSDB solutions, available both as open source and commercial software, has emerged in the last years. Selecting the proper TSDB is a challenging endeavour for a potential enterprise client. In this paper, a set of open-source TSDBs which includes InfluxDB, Graphite, RRDTool, Prometheus, OpenTSDB and TimescaleDB – has been selected for analysis, evaluation and ranking. A comparison of TSDBs implies the establishment of a set of attributes. A set of quantitative and qualitative attributes which have different scales and units of measure has been selected. The problem of selecting or ranking TSDBs evaluated in this paper with a set of attributes is a Multi-Attribute Decision Making problem (MADM). For solving the TSDBs evaluation, analysis and selection a multi-attribute TSDBs maturity model has been proposed. The model for the selected TSDBs set and for the 18 attributes, 10 quantitative and 8 qualitative, has been validated. The model for all the attributes, both quantitative and qualitative, has been solved and, finally, a comparison between the obtained rankings has been made. The comparison of the ranks obtained shows that the leading TSDB is InfluxDB.

KEYWORDS: Time Series database, Quantitative and qualitative attributes, Maturity models, Multi-attribute method, Time Series database comparison.


Ionut PETRE, Radu BONCEA, Constanta Zoie RADULESCU, Alin ZAMFIROIU, Ionut SANDU, A Time-Series Database Analysis Based on a Multi-attribute Maturity Model, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 28(2), pp. 177-188, 2019.