Open Access Statement

Through Open Access (OA) and other means, Studies in Informatics and Control journal (SIC) is committed to the rapid and global dissemination of innovative research and practice in areas of Automatic Control, System Modelling and Optimization as well as of new IT&C infrastructure management used in socio-economic systems and industrial processes. In this way, the journal seeks to maximize the impact and influence of all the articles published here.

We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards related to all the aspects of the publishing process, to providing a personable service to our authors and reviewers, and disseminating our publication as efficiently as possible.

We strive for fair, transparent and sustainable Open Access models. Our journal is a fully open access which means that all articles are available on the Internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium are permitted, provided that the author and the journal are properly credited. We support the archiving of scholarly content and the accessibility of relevant data and datasets. We are committed to continually re-evaluating our publishing fees to ensure they are fair and affordable.

We believe that anyone should be able to publish OA, regardless of status, geographical location or institutional affiliation. As such, we are committed to assisting our authors to overcome barriers to the publication of their work OA. As we work towards these aims, we welcome feedback and suggestions.