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Deadlock Detection and Avoidance Algorithm in Petri Nets Using the Resource Sharing Matrix

Jong Kun LEE
LIS/Computer Engineering Dept, Changwon National University
Salim-dong 9, Changwon, Kyungnam, Korea

Sang Hwan KIM
CIO/executive director, Daehan Calsonic Co.
Ho-tang li 340, Ip-jang myun, Chunan, Chungbuk, Korea

Abstract: This paper considers deadlock detection problem for FMS (Flexible Management System) based on the relationship of the resource share places in Petri Nets model. Since a deadlock is a condition in which the excessive demand for the resources being used by others causes activities to stop, it is very important to detect and prevent a deadlock. In this paper, after analyzing the relation of resource-share places in Petri Nets, we study the deadlock condition in FMS. This paper intends to review and compare these deadlock detection and avoidance methods based on the complexity, the effect value and the algorithm understanding.

Keywords: Avoidance, benchmark, DAPN, deadlock, Petri-nets, resource sharing, siphon, transitive matrix.

Lee Jong-kun has been a professor and Ph.D. supervisor at Changwon National University (CNU), Korea since 1983. He received his B. Sc. degree in Computer Science from Soongsil University, and the M. Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from Soongsil University, MBA from the Korea University, and Ph.D. in Computer engineering from the Ecole Centrale Paris. He is also director of NEXUS center of CNU, and chairman of Kyungnam Smart home technique Forum in Kyungnam. Currently, his research interests include concurrent model analysis and performance evaluation, Scheduling analysis in FMS, Mobile security and Petri nets theory.

Kim Sang-hwan is a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Chungbuk National University, Korea. He is also general manager of Daihan Calsonic Co., manufacturing air-condition system of Nissan Motor Company in Korea. His research interests include Petri net, Semantic Grid and workflow theory.

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Jong Kun LEE, Sang Hwan KIM, Deadlock Detection and Avoidance Algorithm in Petri Nets Using the Resource Sharing Matrix, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 17 (3), pp. 259-272, 2008.