Sunday , October 1 2023

Information Security Awareness in Romanian Public Administration: An Exploratory Case Study

Doina BANCIU1*, Mireille RĂDOI2, Stefan BELLOIU3
Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research “Constantin Angelescu”, Academy of the Romanian Scientists,
54 Splaiul Independenței, 050094, sector 5, Bucharest, Romania (*Corresponding author)
“Carol I” Central University Library, Bucharest, 1 Boteanu Street, Bucharest 010027, Romania
3 Intelligent Security Management SRL, Calea Mosilor 237 B, Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: This article analyzes the way public servants understand the necessity for information security in the digitalisation of public administration and sets out to describe a series of technical solutions with a view to protecting digital data. This paper focuses on a study which was carried out on the basis of a questionnaire submitted to three entities from the Romanian Public administration. The objective of this questionnaire was to identify the vulnerable points in certain areas, such as: managing accessibility in user interface design, password management, preventing cybersecurity incidents, response capacity to cybersecurity incidents, personal data protection, data backup and recovery and personal evaluation. The analysis of the results emerging from this questionnaire provides certain conceptual solutions, which can be adopted so that information security in the Romanian digital public administration can be ensured. The solutions presented in this paper are based on the analysis of international documents in this field. This article can also be a practical guide both for the Romanian decision makers and civil servants, enabling them to ensure data security and protection in the organisational structures of public administration..

Keywords: Digital public administration, Information security, Preventing cyber-security incidents, Protecting personal data, Data security solutions.


Doina BANCIU, Mireille RĂDOI, Stefan BELLOIUInformation Security Awareness in Romanian Public Administration: An Exploratory Case Study, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 29(1), pp. 121-129, 2020.