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Versatile Intelligent Portable Robot Control Platform Based on Cyber Physical Systems Principles*

Victor VLĂDĂREANU1, Ioan DUMITRACHE2, Luige VLĂDĂREANU1,*, Ioan Ștefan SACALĂ2, Gabriela TONŢ3, Mihnea Alexandru MOISESCU2

1 Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy,
15, C-tin Mille Street, Bucharest, 010141, Romania;
2 University “Politehnica” of Bucharest,
313, Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest, Romania

3 University of Oradea,
1, University Street, Oradea, 410087, Romania

* Corresponding author

Abstract: This paper studies humanoid and walking robot hybrid dynamic control through optimization of the intelligent control methods in order to increase the robot stability on uneven ground, at variable robot speed and disturbing loads. The robots performances, controlled by the intelligent control interfaces are analyzed and the virtual projection method is applied to the Versatile Intelligent Portable Robot Platform VIPRO developed as a Cyber Physical Systems. The results lead to higher performance, stability, reliability, robustness and efficiency in approaching the predictable robot motion and in the development of new technological capabilities of the physical systems with applications in the field of robotics.

Keywords: Humanoid or walking robots control; cyber physical systems; virtual projection method; stability of walking robots; versatile, intelligent, portable robot control.

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Victor VLĂDĂREANU, Ioan DUMITRACHE, Luige VLĂDĂREANU, Ioan Stefan SACALĂ, Gabriela TONŢ, Mihnea Alexandru MOISESCU, Versatile Intelligent Portable Robot Control Platform Based on Cyber Physical Systems Principles, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 24 (4), pp. 409-418, 2015.