Thursday , January 23 2020

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

  1. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Semi-Active Structural Vibration Control
    Saidi A., Zizouni K., Kadri B., Fali L., Bousserhane I. K. 
  2. Stabilizing High-order Delayed Systems with Minimum-phase Zeros Using Simple Controllers
    Vázquez Rosas C. D., Márquez Rubio J. F., Muro Cuéllar B., Novella Rodríguez D. F., Sename O., Dugard L.
  3. An Enhanced Stabilizing Strategy for Switched Nonlinear Systems
    Hamidi F., Jerbi H., Olteanu S. C., Popescu D.
  4. Neural Network and Fuzzy-logic-based Self-tuning PID Control for Quadcopter Path Tracking
    El Hamidi K., Mjahed M., El Kari A., Ayad H.
  5. An Approach to Compute Low-Order H∞ Controllers
    Rădulescu I., Ștefănoiu D.
  6. Ride Comfort Improvement of a Semi-active Vehicle Suspension Based on Hybrid Fuzzy and Fuzzy-PID Controller
    Bashir A. O., Xiaoting Rui, Jianshu Zhang

General Editor of this issue: Andrei Niculescu, PhD.