Wednesday , October 4 2023

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

  1. Robotic Process Automation of Inventory Demand with Intelligent Reservation
    Radu-Florin NEGOIŢĂ, Theodor BORANGIU
  2. Robust Backstepping Control of a Quadrotor UAV Under Pink Noise and Sinusoidal Disturbance
    Mehmet KARAHAN, Cosku KASNAKOGLU, Ahmet Nuri AKAY
  3. A Mining Algorithm to Improve LSTM for Predicting Customer Churn in Railway Freight Traffic
    Fangcan ZHAO, Baotian DONG, Hongqin PAN, Anqi SHI
  4. A Generic Architecture for Building a Domain Name Reputation System
    Carmen Ionela ROTUNĂ, Alexandru GHEORGHIȚĂ, Ionut SANDU, Mihail DUMITRACHE, Meda UDROIU, Dragoș SMADA
  5. Automatic Detection of Biomarker Genes through Deep Learning Techniques: A Research Perspective
    Rajangam ATHILAKSHMI, Shomona Gracia JACOB, Ramadoss RAJAVEL
  6. Comparison of Model Reference Control Schemes for Motor Speed Control Under Variable Load Torque
    Jessica VILLALOBOS, Fernando MARTELL, Irma Y. SANCHEZ
  1. Using Unsupervised Learning for Mining Behavioural Patterns from Data.
    A Case Study for the Baccalaureate Exam in Romania

    Mariana-Ioana MAIER, Gabriela CZIBULA, Lavinia-Ruth DELEAN
  2. Algorithms for the Computation of Passive Robustness Margins in Railway Transport Systems
    Anis MHALLA, Simon Collart DUTILLEUL
  3. Machine-vision-based Online Self-optimizing Control System for
    Line Marking Machines

    Guanxu LONG, Lei SHI, Gongfeng XIN, Shenqi GAO, Wenliang ZHANG, Jicun XU
  4. A Multi-layer Approach for Mobile Devices: Behavioral Fingerprinting
    Gabriel-Cosmin APOSTOL, Alexandra-Elena MOCANU, Bogdan-Costel MOCANU,
    Dragoș RĂDULESCU, Cătălin NEGRU, Ionuț PETRE, Florin POP
  5. Terminal and Backstepping Sliding Mode Control with Genetic Algorithms for Robot Manipulators
    Umut TİLKİ, Melikcan ÖLGÜN
  6. A Complex System Governance Theory and Conceptual Links to
    Cyber Diplomacy

    Carmen-Elena CÎRNU, Alexandru GEORGESCU

Managing Editor of this issue: Georgiana-Cristina Perețeanu