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Event-Triggered Piecewise Continuous Tracking Control of Networked Control Systems using Linear Perturbed System Models with Time Delays

Chengcheng SONG1, Zhixin SUN2, Haoping WANG3*, Yang TIAN3
1 Industrial Center/School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Nanjing Institute of Technology,
211167, Nanjing, China
2 NARI Group Corporation (State Grid Electric Power Research Institute), 211106, Nanjing, China
3 School of Automation, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, 210094, Nanjing, China (*Corresponding author),

Abstract: In this paper, an event-triggered piecewise continuous trajectory tracking controller is proposed for linear perturbed systems. A network-induced delay which is time-varying but bounded is considered. The new event-triggered mechanism (ETM) presented in this paper is designed based on the predicted system state estimation. A reconstruction calculation module is implemented on the controller node of the control system in order to compensate for the impact of the delay on the state estimation transmitted by the sensor node of the system. By using the proposed controller with the related new ETM, the tracking error can be guaranteed to be norm-bounded, and also the data communication is reduced, while the controller tracking performance remains satisfactory. Finally, in order to show the effectiveness of the proposed theoretical method and the superiority of the new ETM, the proposed controller was applied to a networked mobile cart system and some comparative simulations were carried out.

Keywords: Piecewise continuous, Trajectory tracking, Controller, Time delays, Event-triggered mechanism.


Chengcheng SONG, Zhixin SUN, Haoping WANG, Yang TIAN, Event-Triggered Piecewise Continuous Tracking Control of Networked Control Systems using Linear Perturbed System Models with Time Delays, Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 32(4), pp. 17-26, 2023.