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Selecting a Contractor by Using a Novel Method forMultiple Attribute Analysis: Weighted Aggregated SumProduct Assessment with Grey Values (WASPAS-G)

Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Zenonas TURSKIS,

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University,
Sauletekio al. 11, LT-10223 Vilnius, Lithuania
edmundas.zavadskas@vgtu.lt; zenonas.turskis@vgtu.lt; jurgita.antucheviciene@vgtu.lt

Abstract: Selecting the right contractor in construction industry is an important problem for an organization while thecompetition in global markets increases. Evaluating contractors’ performance is a multiple attribute decision makingprocess consisting of vagueness and imprecision. It is based on a set of hardly exact measurable attributes: capability andskills, occupational health and safety, technical capacity, managerial capability, bid amount, past performance andexperience, financial soundness. The goals and interests of the stakeholders should be taken into consideration whenselecting the attributes and their importance for the evaluation of contractors. In this context, the paper presents a novelmethod based on multiple attribute Weighted Aggregated Sum Product Assessment with the grey attributes scores –WASPAS-G method. The proposed method was applied in a case study of evaluation and selection of a right constructioncontractor, which has to be the most appropriate to stakeholders. The proposed technique, due to its capabilities ofhandling imprecise information because of applied grey relations and capabilities of providing decisions of enhancedaccuracy when aggregating two methods, could also be used to sustain the ranking of development strategies, selecting themost effective investment or management decisions.

Keywords: Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM), contractor selection, Weighted Aggregated Sum ProductAssessment (WASPAS), grey relations, WASPAS-G.

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Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Zenonas TURSKIS, Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE, Selecting a Contractor by Using a Novel Method for Multiple Attribute Analysis: Weighted Aggregated Sum Product Assessment with Grey Values (WASPAS-G), Studies in Informatics and Control, ISSN 1220-1766, vol. 24 (2), pp. 141-150, 2015. https://doi.org/10.24846/v24i2y201502