Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Studies in Informatics and Control is an open access journal for readers, but authors are required to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) and an additional fee for the articles containing more than 10 pages.

These fees are necessary to cover the cost of processing and monitoring submitted manuscripts, sending the manuscripts through our plagiarism scanning software, as well as minimizing fake papers submissions or frivolous submissions where authors submit manuscripts for free editing and correction, with no intention of publishing with us. The fees are to be paid only after/if the papers have been previously accepted. There is no upfront payment for paper evaluation. The fee is not negotiable and we do not offer discounts.

The APC fee is subject to change. This publication fee is charged at the applicable rate in effect on the date of manuscript submission. The APC is charged to either the authors or their funding agency/institution, when the manuscript is editorially approved, after the peer-review process and before publication. At present, numerous funding agencies actively support open access publication and permit the employment of grants to cover publication costs.

At the moment, there is no charge for manuscript submission to SIC.