How to Submit

All the correspondence regarding the submission of an article is made via e-mail:

The submission process has two stages:

  1. The authors have to send the title, the authors’ names, the abstract (and/or the full article) and the keywords to, using the Sample File from: Publication Guidelines, for the evaluation regarding the eligibility of the paper. Most of the authors submit the full article. Submitted abstracts are assessed by the editorial team based on the following criteria: compliance with the research area of the journal, compliance with the structure mentioned in Instructions for Authors, and the use of English language (articles should be written grammatically correct and easy to read). During the desk peer review stage, articles that are not appropriate for the SIC area of interest will be automatically rejected.
  2. The authors of the abstracts/manuscripts that are deemed eligible by our editorial team and have passed the desk review stage (with or without changes) are notified via e-mail upon this aspect and are instructed regarding the next steps to be pursued. Upon receiving the e-mail regarding the acceptance of the article for evaluation, the authors have to send all the requested documents to the same e-mail address. In this stage, the article is sent for evaluation to usually two reviewers from our database, who have volunteered for this activity and have the most appropriate expertise for evaluating the content of the manuscript.

Authors are not permitted to request reviewers. In the case of manuscripts rated with “minor revision”, ”moderate revision” or “major changes”, the authors will return the amended article according to the indications of the editorial team with a letter addressed to the reviewers, in which they will explain how they addressed the reviewers’ suggestions. The SIC editorial team will ask the reviewers to verify again if the text complies with the indications received. If the changes comply with the indications from the peer review report, the manuscript will be accepted and will be published in the next available issue at that moment. If not, the article is returned to the authors for further amendments or is rejected.

For the articles receiving recommendation for rejection in the second stage, the authors are notified by e-mail about the decision of rejection.