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Selecting a Contractor by Using a Novel Method for Multiple Attribute Analysis: Weighted Aggregated Sum Product Assessment with Grey Values (WASPAS-G) Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Zenonas TURSKIS, Jurgita ANTUCHEVICIENE 99 PDF
An Extension of the EDAS Method Based on the Use of Interval Grey Numbers Dragisa STANUJKIC, Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Mehdi KESHAVARZ GHORABAEE, Zenonas TURSKIS 95 PDF
The Role of Perceived Enjoyment in the Students' Acceptance of an Augmented Reality Teaching Platform: a Structural Equation Modelling Approach Alexandru BALOG, Costin PRIBEANU 87 PDF
Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Improved with Genetic Operators Nebojsa BACANIN 76 PDF
A Novel Multicriteria Approach - Rough Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis Method (R-SWARA) and Its Application in Logistics Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Željko STEVIĆ, Ilija TANACKOV, Olegas PRENTKOVSKIS 71 PDF
Multi-criteria Assessment Model of Technologies Edmundas Kazimieras ZAVADSKAS, Zenonas TURSKIS, Robertas VOLVAČIOVAS, Simona KILDIENE 69 PDF
Adjusted Fireworks Algorithm Applied to Retinal Image Registration Eva TUBA, Milan TUBA, Edin DOLICANIN 56 PDF
A State of the Art on Supply Planning and Inventory Control under Lead Time Uncertainty Alexandre DOLGUI, Oussama BEN AMMAR, Faicel HNAIEN, Mohamed Aly O. LOULY 55 PDF
Consensus in Group Decision Making and Social Networks Enrique HERRERA-VIEDMA, Francisco Javier CABRERIZO, Francisco CHICLANA, Jian WU, Manuel Jesús COBO, Konstantin SAMUYLOV 53 PDF
Secure VANETs: Trusted Communication Scheme between Vehicles and Infrastructure Based on Fog Computing Muhammad ARIF, Guojun WANG, Valentina Emilia BALAS 53 PDF
Brain Image Segmentation Based on Firefly Algorithm Combined with K-means Clustering Romana CAPOR HROSIK, Eva TUBA, Edin DOLICANIN, Raka JOVANOVIC, Milan TUBA 50 PDF
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Path Planning by Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm Edin DOLICANIN, Irfan FETAHOVIC, Eva TUBA, Romana CAPOR-HROSIK, Milan TUBA 47 PDF
Simulation-based Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms for Multi-objective Flexible JSSP Elena Simona NICOARĂ, Florin Gheorghe FILIP, Nicolae PARASCHIV 45 PDF
An Extended TOPSIS Approach for Ranking Cloud Service Providers Constanţa Zoie RĂDULESCU, Iulia Cristina RĂDULESCU 41 PDF
Risk-Sensitive Particle-Filtering-based Prognosis Framework for Estimation of Remaining Useful Life in Energy Storage Devices Dr. Marcos E. ORCHARD, Liang TANG, Bhaskar SAHA, Kai GOEBEL, Dr. George J. VACHTSEVANOS 41 PDF