Saturday , March 2 2024

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

  1. A Multi-criteria Weighting Approach with Application to Internet of Things
    Constanta Zoie RADULESCU, Radu BONCEA, Adrian Victor VEVERA
  2. Event-Triggered Piecewise Continuous Tracking Control of Networked Control Systems Using Linear Perturbed System Models with Time Delays
    Chengcheng SONG, Zhixin SUN, Haoping WANG, Yang TIAN
  3. Modeling of a Hybrid Controller for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Using Photovoltaic Panels
    Marius-Alexandru DOBREA, Sergiu-Stelian ILIESCU, Nicoleta ARGHIRA, Mihaela VASLUIANU
  4. Label-based Topic Modeling to Enhance Medical Triage for Medical
    Triage Robots

    Jiayi FENG, Runtong ZHANG, Donghua CHEN, Lei SHI, Chenghao XIAO
  5. CFD-based Synthetic Data Generation for Machine Learning based Pressure Drop Assessment in Aortic Stenosis
    Teodor Ionut MATEI, Andreea Bianca POPESCU, Cosmin Ioan NITA, Costin Florian CIUSDEL, Lucian Mihai ITU
  6. A Comprehensive Review of Applications of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural Operations
    Ahmed AMIN, Xiaochan WANG, Yongnian ZHANG, Li TIANHUA, Yanyu CHEN, Jinming ZHENG, Yinyan SHI, Mahmoud A. ABDELHAMID

Managing Editor of this issue: Georgiana-Cristina Perețeanu